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Baby Shower Cakes How To Make Your Own Delicious

Baby shower cakes are one of the highlights of the baby shower. Linking in with the shower’s color scheme and chosen theme, they are cute, creative and delicious additions to the party. Yet, you don’t have to spend big dollars to get the perfect cake, simply read on for hot tips on how to make your baby shower cakes.

Clever Cakes

For the skilled bakers among the world, shaped baby shower cakes are the ultimate choice. They make truly adorable additions to the shower – and the mom-to-be will be very appreciative. There are so many baby-related items you could create in cake form; the ideas are endless. Consider your skill level and the materials you have and let your imagination run wild. How about a cake shaped like a pram or a gift basket? What about a pregnant belly?

Browse cake stores for shaped baking accessories or simply use a combination of different shaped pans and thick frosting to create the shape you want. Outline the desired shape on a sheet of tracing paper and cut the cake then ice. A cake in the shape of a baby quilt is a popular and easy cake; simply decorate a square cake with patches of different colored icing. Take a look in cake books, online, chat to a baker or discuss your options with the mom-to-be.

Original Cakes

Bring your own creativity to the cake designing process. A great idea is to use a photo of the mom-to-be and her pregnant belly, the parents-to-be or the ultrasound picture. Many bakeries will be able to print the chosen photo onto edible icing.

Bite-Sized Baby Shower Cakes

A great way to avoid the mess and hassle of cutting cakes is to cook up a batch of miniature cakes or cupcakes. You can stack them in tiers or serve them on a large serving platter. Decorate each one individually with the chosen colors or decorate them with edible baby-themed decorations such as toys or love hearts. You could even cut a large cake into small, square baby blocks and pipe each guest’s first initial on the top with frosting.

Formal Cakes

If the baby shower is a formal affair, choose a classic, elegant cake for your guests. A tiered cake is a popular option especially when iced in a pretty baby color like pastel pink or blue. You could even add edible decorations or some ribbon to add a colorful touch.

Gender-Themed Cakes

If the baby’s gender is well known, you could print, “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!” on the cake. You can also consider traditional male or female themes such as sports or dolls and link these into the shape or decoration of the cake.

Remember to take any dietary issues into consideration so that everyone can enjoy the cake. Once you’ve finished all the planning, just sit back and enjoy a slice of your delicious creation.

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