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Baby Shower Centerpieces That You Can Make Yourself!

Have you been given the exciting role of planning a baby shower for a friend or loved one? This is the time to get your thinking cap on so you can let the fun begin. Being the hostess of a baby shower doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money and purchase expensive decorations; instead you can be creative and make your own. Designing your own decorations will add a personal touch to the event and are guaranteed to be appreciated by the mom-to-be. Read on to discover the secrets of making gorgeous baby shower centerpieces.

First and foremost, consider the future mother and her personality. What does she like and dislike? What are her interests? Next, think about the baby. Is the baby’s gender known? What color will the nursery be? Has a name been chosen yet? What star sign is the baby expected to be born under? Baby shower centerpieces should be meaningful for both mother and baby.

If you know the baby’s gender, you can link the centerpiece to the typical color schemes of pink or blue. An assemblage of different items can also make a unique and aesthetically pleasing focus point. Flowers, candles, stones and containers could all work as attractive centerpieces. Balloons and streamers can also serve a dual purpose, as they can also be used during the baby shower itself.

You may like to stick to a theme when thinking about DIY baby shower centerpieces. Maybe a specific cartoon or storybook character would add a cute touch. For example, Strawberry Shortcake or Winnie The Pooh are perfect for girls or boys, respectively. Why not fill a basket with cute stuffed toys? These toys can later be handed out as thank you gifts to guests as leave the baby shower.

Vases always make popular, attractive centerpieces. Fill a clear glass vase with colorful stones or flowers or throw in a bunch of party favors. Decorate around the vase with glitter, ribbons or streamers, keeping with the chosen color scheme and theme of the baby shower.

A hanging mobile can form a unique and fun baby shower centerpiece. Hang it above the table and attach various items such as flowers, ribbons or photographs. You could even attach party favors that can be pulled off and used during the shower.

A big, layered cake makes an ideal DIY baby shower centerpiece. Ice it with the chosen shower colors or attach edible prints of children’s characters. You could even make it into a cute baby-themed shape such as a bottle or a basket. A large stack of iced cupcakes or muffins can also work well. Ice them in the shower color scheme for a great look.

Making your own baby shower centerpiece is a great way to keep the costs of a baby shower down; after all, you can spend more than your budget if you’re not careful. Think outside the square box and create a truly memorable event for the special mom-to-be and her future baby.

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