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Shower Games

Lucky Duck: A Fun-Filled Game Using Rubber Ducks

Are you looking for another fun game to play at a baby shower? Try Lucky Duck. This game has many different variations on how it can be played.

For the first variation, you will need a baby bathtub or bucket wide enough to hold some rubber ducks and water. On one duck, place in permanent makers a dot. As people begin to enter or leave, have them choose a rubber duck. Whatever guest chooses the dotted duck wins the game and gets a prize.

A second variation will require you to put a sticker or place a dot on the bottom of paper/plastic/glass plate. The guest who ends up with the sticker/dotted plate will win the game. Another variation is placing a sticker on the bottom of a chair. Whoever decides to sit in that chair wins the game. You want to keep baby-themed party favors on hand for your winner(s).

As you see, there is no limit to how you can play the game. You may even think of an idea of your own. Whatever you do, make sure that you choose the variation that works within your budget and is the best for you.

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